My wife Maureen complained for months, possibly years about my lack of hearing.  She accused me of not wanting to listen for the longest time then starting demanding I get hearing aids.  I noticed difficulty hearing when in a group especially with background noise. So when Dr. Tim Smith invited me to be tested I decided to give it a try.  He efficiently took me through the process of testing with a review of the result.  He then offered me a trial set of hearing aids digitally fine-tuned for my hearing needs. What a hearing miracle.  I began hearing sounds I had not noticed for years.  The back of our house opens to a small canal; with the sliding doors open I could hear crickets and frogs that I had never heard from the day we moved into the house.  I can now hear my own footsteps on the wood floors.  I would turn the water on to fill the pool and forget to turn it off because I could not hear the water running. And here is the good and bad news but the most important result; I can hear everything my wife says. The hearing aids are comfortable and very seldom noticed.  They are easy to maintain and so simple to use.  I am delighted with the hearing aids.