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Timothy B. Smith, HAS, BC-HIS

Fort Walton, Niceville, & Navarre Offices

In 2005, Tim Smith became a part of the family business and joined the Gulf Coast Hearing Centers  team.

Through many hours of study and an internship, Tim became a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist in July 2006. He received his National Board Certification in July 2015. 

He was raised in Panama City and attended Gulf Coast State College. He is married to Erika Dame Smith and they have three children.


Leslie A. Smith, HAS, BC-HIS

Niceville Office

Leslie A. Smith is a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument
Sciences. Leslie is a member of the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals and the
International Hearing Society.

She began working in the Panama City office in 2008 and has 14 years hands on experience with treating hearing loss with hearing aids. Leslie also holds clinic hours at the Niceville (Blue Water Bay) location.

Leslie was raised in Panama City, FL and graduated from Mosley High School. She attended Gulf Coast State College and Florida State University.

Leslie has always had a passion for helping others. When she chose this as her career path, she was no stranger to the industry. She was introduced to it by her parents Jim and Laura Dame who are true hearing healthcare advocates. They have been at it for 40 years and counting!

The hearing industry is special to her because she loves having an active role in helping people to reconnect with friends and family. It is gratifying to Leslie when patients report back to her that they can live a more socially active lifestyle after being fit with hearing aids. She finds that her patients can communicate more effortlessly and as a result have a better quality of life.

Outside of her practice, Leslie treasures her time with family. She is married with two beautiful daughters. She enjoys nice long runs with her dogs then slowing down to relax and enjoy a good book. Like any true Floridian, she enjoys their family trips to Walt Disney World!


The Hearing Aid Store That Keeps From Missing the Best Things in Life

Our Gulf Coast Hearing Center Strive to Prevent Further Loss

Our goal is to keep you from suffering additional health issues brought on by hearing loss. When untreated, hearing loss affects other aspects of your physical health and well-being.

Our Niceville Hearing Aids Get You Back to Living at Your Best

Without support for your hearing loss, your brain will try to compensate, and in turn, it takes power away from other functions you need for your body to function properly. 

When working harder, your social and emotional processes, along with your short-term memory, start to slow down. 

The sooner you give attention to hearing loss, the better it works to get your body’s day-to-day functions back in balance.

Our Hearing Aid Repair Works to Support Your Device’s Health

Find out what our affordable hearing solutions can do for you. With the teamwork of trusted audiologists and state-of-the-art devices, they work to minimize your hearing loss and, at times, even reverse it, depending on the cause. Our repair services keep you hearing your best at all times.

Stop Missing Out on Life’s Details
Schedule a Free Consultation

When you don’t want more to lose but are looking to gain, it’s worth taking a moment to schedule a free hearing evaluation.

If our solutions are something that interests you, you receive one price that covers your device, warranty, and ongoing support and care. For the life of your device, we assist you in maintaining and adjusting it when needed and support your hearing health.

We offer a 12-month, interest-free payment plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is an investment in your health that you don’t want to pass up.

We Are Here as Your Audiologist Specialists, Not as Salesman

Your hearing restoration is our goal for you. We work with your hearing aid device to create a progression plan and monitor you with regular meetings. At your appointments, your ear health will be checked, along with the functioning of your hearing device. 

We know that hearing aids are an investment, and with proper maintenance, they should last for several years. We plan to improve your hearing health and keep your hearing aid working for many years.

Steps to Restore Your Hearing at Our Niceville Hearing Aids Center

Step 1: Free Consultation
Schedule a free professional hearing evaluation that puts you on a path to restored hearing health and wellness.

Step 2: Get Fitted with a Device
For one price, you get our consultation and continued services, along with your device and its warranty. 

Step 3: Work to Restore Your Hearing
Get back to living your fullest when you hear your loved ones enjoying life with you. Don’t miss out anymore!

Your Trusted Gulf Coast Hearing Aids Center

Our 40 years of experience give us the knowledge of patient care needed to provide the best service to you. Our Google reviews and Healthgrades reflect the customer satisfaction that we strive for.