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Brandon Porter

Brandon Porter, HAS

Pensacola and Gulf Breeze Offices

Brandon K. Porter is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist.

His mission is to reconnect people through the gift of hearing while offering an advanced educational approach and practicing with the utmost level of integrity.

Brandon studied at Phoenix University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business with an additional emphasis in the specialty of hearing instrument practice and education. He is a current member of the International Hearing Society and is a member of the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals (FSHHP).

He started working in the hearing aid industry in 2008. He has over 14 years of hands on experience. He has successfully treated some of the most severe cases of hearing loss using cutting-edge state of the art technology while collaborating with the most experienced professionals in the industry. Brandon has a reputation for implementing his successful treatment techniques even where others have previously fallen short.

Brandon moved to Gulf Breeze Florida in 2013 where he worked diligently to build and grow two successful practices in Crestview and Fort Walton Beach.


Brandon has recently partnered with Gulf Coast Hearing Center which has been offering outstanding patient care on the emerald coast for over 40 years. Brandon is very excited to bring quality hearing aid service and care to Pensacola Florida and surrounding areas.

Brandon was drawn to the profession because it presents a unique opportunity to reconnect people with one another. What he loves the most about treating hearing loss is having the privilege to actually get to see that you are making a difference in the lives of so many. He is able to do this by bringing them out of a quiet dark world and introducing them back into the light through quality hearing.

Having the ability to reconnect people to their loved ones is life changing not only for his patients but also for Brandon. His focus is to be continually learning, growing and evolving. He does so by making continued education a priority, in order to perform at the highest level in the industry.

Through this studies he possess the knowledge, skills and ability to help people in the way that they deserve.

Outside of his practice, Brandon enjoys spending quality time with his wife and family, he also enjoys hobbies such as playing guitar, piano, drums, fishing, golfing, and paddle boarding.


Melanie Porter, MS

Pensacola and Gulf Breeze Offices

Melanie is the Practice Manager at Integrity Hearing Associates and current acting Patient Care Coordinator in the Pensacola Clinic.

In 2013, she graduated with honors from Phoenix University holding a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Shortly thereafter began her career in the hearing industry.

Melanie is an advocate for better hearing and has a passion for helping other people. She has found that in the hearing industry she has the opportunity to help someone every single day, multiple times a day. The patient journey is very important to her and with Gulf Coast Hearing Center, the patient is always the top priority.

In her spare time, Melanie can be found at the beach, spending time with her husband, tackling creative home projects, and spending quality time with family & friends.